Nina C. Palmer Takes a Journey Through The Trees

Nina C. Palmer, Through the Trees, Poetry

When you think about trees, you think about strength, development and fruitfulness. Trees go through seasons of sprouting, flourishing and dormancy to become beautiful forests. Like a tree, author Nina C. Palmer used her experiences of personal climatic changes through anger, hurt, pain, grief, childhood experiences and toxic relationships, to blossom from the perils that challenged her sanity and spirit. In order to break the generational curse of mental illness in her family, Nina realized that she had a lot of spiritual and emotional baggage to unload, when she was pregnant with her son. Writing was a way she expressed herself to cope with such challenges, and poetry served as medicinal self-therapy. Her earliest writings of poetry began as early as elementary school. This is how her latest release, Through The Trees: The poetic end to a toxic relationship was born.

Through the Trees is a poetic journey through the emotions we endure at the end of a toxic relationship. This collection of poetry uses nature and metaphor to express each stage of grief. Each chapter (a stage) and each poem is a part of the journey taking you through denial, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance. Much of her nature poetry is a reflection of her childhood while living in California.

According to Nina, "I have great hope that this book can serve as a guide for others who have the same challenge of letting go of their past hurts. A person becomes lost in the woods, struggles to find their way out, and comes out the other side a changed person. I hope that they can make their way out of the woods, finally able to see the forest Through The Trees." Be sure to check out her book's trailer:

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We asked Nina what her favor tea is when reading her favorite poems and she replied Vanilla tea, with a little cream and sugar, which is great for morning sickness. Love that choice of tea Nina and all the best with baby number 2!